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1. programmable per customer's requirement of ignition angle in design. 2. Bonding socket fingers, meet customer's demand. 3. Speed limit restriction applicable. 4. Lowest output voltage at 200V for various rpm. Made In Taiwan 
OEM NO. 30410-GB6-920 OEM NO. 30410-GY6-9000 Use in  KYMCO GY6-125 Made In Taiwan
OEM NO. 31120-GY6-9000 OEM NO. 2JA-81403-MO OEM NO. 3KJ-85560-00 OEM NO. 4VP-H5560-00 Use in YAMAHA JOG50/90 Made In Taiwan

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HSING HUA ELECTRIC INNOVATIVE CORP. has been well established on this market for 30 years, in experiencing the stage of economic boom-up of Taiwan as well as the upgrading both in production capability and quality by the great efforts of the team work as thrown in. In the era of strict competition nowadays, Hsing Hua Electric still persistently insists on the principle of quality first and technology priority in the engagement of product manufacturing and development; expects to serve our customers as well as to build market praise and more business opportunities. Currently, our primary products are the electric assembled parts & components such as AC alternator, CDI, voltage regulator/ rectifier, starter motor, buzzer, flasher relay, ignition coil, speed regulator etc. for various motorcycles, agricultural trackers, ATV, outboard motor. In recent years, more efforts have been put into the development of cell motor, high speed flywheel, dedicate CDI in motorcycle after market, as well as being the primary OEM, ODM parts supplier of several key original manufacturers. Based on the win-win strategy in benefiting mutually with respect, in ensuring the product quality, being superior capability of R&D as well as in concordant operating team, deeply believe we shall obtain more supports and business opportunities due to our earnestness and services


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